Who has time to work, manage a home and kids, and then shop, cook, clean, plan a party, and run-around town to get everything you need? 

No one. You find yourself running back and forth to the grocery store multiple times opening boxes from Amazon and then going back to the store multiple times for all of the things you forgot. Don't worry. We made lists because we love lists and we love to plan parties! We hope these lists make it simple for you to check off what you need and what you have. 


We know, they are long. Maybe you don't need all of the items on our lists below (and who wants to spend that much money hosting one party?) but these lists will give you a start to help you plan what you do (and don't) need to get from each store whether that means your going to your local grocery store or to Target.  


Check the lists and see what you have on hand.  Be sure to circle, highlight or checkmark what you have and what you're missing. TIP: plan to pick-up what you can get early (like today) to prepare for less work later and what you need to go back and get the week of your party like produce, veggies, bread, milk, ice, and more. Happy Shopping!  

Pre-Party Snacks

  • Walnuts, pecans, chestnuts, pine nuts, almonds, other nuts

  • Cheese platter (goat cheese, brie, sharp cheddar are common favorites)

  • Cured meats (capicola, chorizo, salami, prosciutto meat, etc) 

  • Wood platter or cutting boards make great displays for meats and cheeses

  • Find Napkin rings that can also be used as place cards 

  • Mini white pumpkins are versatile and pretty

  • Copper glasses, platters or silverware add festive colors

  • Use pine cones and greens or flowers like eucalyptus to garnish your table

  • festive wine bottle from one Hope wine add sparkle to any room or table

  • Grapes (green and red) pair well with crackers, meats and cheeses

Decor/Display Ideas

  • Wine, beer, vodka, scotch, baileys, other cocktails

  • Mixers for cocktails (see our WithCo brand in our shop section to make life easier on you!)

  • For kids or mixed drinks: Apple cider, sparkling apple cider

  • Regular and diet sodas, club soda, tonic

  • Coffee, tea, other beverages

  • Coffee sweeteners and creamers

  • Ice


Cooking Essentials

  • Turkey

  • Ham 

  • Sausage (for apps)

  • Bacon (for Apps)

  • Salami

  • Mocetta

  • Prosciutto

  • Capicola

  • Butter (salted for dinner rolls etc and unsalted for cooking)

  • Canola/vegetable oil/olive oil

  • Bacon bits (great for most sides as a compliment)

  • Herbs, spices, salt, pepper, vanilla extract

  • Flour, cornmeal, brown sugar, sugar

  • Baking powder, baking soda

  • Crackers, bread crumbs, panko, cereal

  • Turkey gravy, chicken broth

  • Stock (chicken, vegetable, or turkey) for gravy

  • Honey, jams, jellies

  • Mayonnaise, mustard, Dijon mustard

  • Cream cheese, cheese

  • Cream of Mushroom soup, other soup

  • French fried onions

  • Mini marshmallows

  • Cooking sherry, Marsala wine

  • Eggs

  • Milk, cream, half-and-half, evaporated, sweetened condensed

  • Olives, pickles, pickled veggies

  • Vinegar:  red wine, balsamic, ets.


  • Celery, onions, carrots, mushrooms

  • Shredded carrots (use for décor)

  • Garlic

  • Brussels Sprouts (because we LOVE these)

  • Peas, corn, green beans, asparagus

  • Fresh or frozen chopped spinach

  • Green apples, lemons, other fruit

  • Grapes (red and green for displays or to eat)

  • Yams or sweet potatoes

  • Salad greens & other vegetables

  • Potatoes:  russet, Yukon gold, red

  • Fresh parsley

  • Sage

  • Bay leaves

  • Chives

  • Rosemary

  • Thyme

  • Celery salt

  • Pink sea salt

  • Pepper



  • Pies: apple, pumpkin, mincemeat, pecan, sweet potato, chocolate cream, cherry

  • Whipped cream, Cool Whip

  • Ice cream, sherbet, gelato

  • Chocolate

  • Kitchen twine

  • Turkey baster

  • Roasting Pan

  • Thermometer

  • Aluminum foil

  • zip-lock bags

  • paper towels

  • Plastic tupperware to-go containers for guests

  • Pumpkins, gourds, squash, Indian corn

  • Thanksgiving paper goods such as napkins, decorated plates, silverware



Hostess Gifts
(shop our store)
  • Corkpops Wine Opener

  • Apolis Tote bag (bring your Party contributions, leave the bag for your host)

  • Copper Stemless wine glasses

  • Acrylic stemless wine glasses (Clear or White)

  • Kindess Cards for each seat​​

  • Gratitude Cards for each seat

  • Wine Aerator

  • Withco Cocktails

  • Candles & Matches

  • Scotch / Whiskey Toothpicks (for the guys or gals)

  • Wine (We like One Hope wines They benbfit charities)

  • Dinner rolls, cornbread, biscuits

  • Cranberries, cranberry sauce

  • Cornbread stuffing or dressing mix

  • Rice:  long grain, wild, brown, grits

  • Mini quiche 

  • Green Beans (see recipes)

  • Brussels Sprouts

  • Potatoes (Mashed, Sweet, Baked) 

  • Butternut Squash

Games & Activities
  • Hot Seat

  • Bad People

  • The Voting Game

  • Metagame

  • Last Word

  • The Wine Game

  • Gratitude cards

  • Kindness cards

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