Jen Beaver

Founder & Event Specialist

After more than 20 years of planning and producing large-scale VIP events with A-list celebrities and athletes, Jen decided it was time to slow down, host her own events and celebrate her friends. After a near fatal accident nearly took her life, she realized the power of friendship and wants to celebrate the power of friendship that brought her though horrible trauma. Her goal is to help others plan parties and share all the joys (and sometimes stress) of planning and hosting parties with y'all! 

Tara Johnson

Co-Founder & Chief Influencer

Tara has been planning parties and staging homes for years as one of Atlanta's top real estate agents.  She has become a top influencer and knows the value of social media as a vehicle to share her designs, recipes, and decor tips.. She loves cooking, decor, music, games, laughing and creating beautiful tablescapes. 

Claire Perkins

Art & Creative Director

Claire is a digital and creative genius. Her talents go well beyond design and decor, she has an eye for all things pretty. She brings to the team her knowledge of stunning colors, creative decor and how to make everything look beautiful! 

Shannon Kiisk

Designer & Event Production

Shannon spent years working for Disney where she perfected her crafts. From consulting to the fine details, Shannon leaves nothing undone. She has been hosting her own events for more than ten years and has an eye for creative ways to make every party look magical! 

“Friends are the Family We Choose” 


When I think about the different phases of my life, all of them involve friendships. Some of those friendships have lasted a lifetime and others seemed like only a season.  Whether it was different jobs or different cities, a new client or an event in my neighborhood, each experience and opportunity in my life continued to introduce new friendships.  For me, it took 45 years and an accident that nearly took my life to learn the true meaning of friendship. I was given a 10% chance of survival and named a medical miracle. My friends were by my side the entire time. People are kind. People are nice. People care. Friendship is so much more than we can ever imagine and without it, I cannot say I would be where I am today.   


After my accident, the one element that stood out to me above all was how much friends helped me heal. Messages of love and support, visits, calls, videos, flowers, photos and more got me through each day with a positive attitude and an overwhelming feeling of love. We all have “things” going on in our lives and sometimes the smallest act of kindness from a “friend” can make the biggest difference in our ability to overcome obstacles in our lives. So for me, friendships should be celebrated all year! Kindness heals.


Friendsgiving truly has no concrete definition or perhaps even an origin; some say it started with the classic TV show ‘Friends’ and others think it was born on the internet. Whatever your definition may be, we want to help clarify what we believe Friendsgiving stands for and hope you agree. 


So how do you celebrate your friends? Host a dinner party and invite your friends!. You might be celebrating a new baby or a recent engagement. You might invite all your friends over to see your new house or celebrate a new job. There are so many reasons to celebrate friendships. 

After planning major VIP celebrity events for more than twenty years, I know too well the detailed work that goes into making a party perfect for your guests and stress free and fun for you. One thing was always missing from my hard work at each event. MY FRIENDS!  


Some of the most difficult aspects of throwing a party include things like how to decorate your home, table or bar or what games to play, what to serve, how to make the perfect cocktails, what wine to buy and how to make your glasses look festive but not confusing all while handling meal prep, snacks and more. Want to send your guests home with leftovers and a thank you gift? Are you tired thinking about all the work to host one dinner party? We can help.

Convenience is such a big part of the solution. We don't want you running around to eight different stores and then finding the time to cook, clean and decorate. Friendsgiving is one stop dinner party hosting and shopping made easy! 


You’re not the host? That’s okay too because we picked out some of the best gifts for both the guys and the gals that you can bring for your dinner party hosts.  


We created the site to help make you the perfect host and party planner with everything you need to keep it easy and stress free for you.  

Check back on our site often some of the best recipes, games, décor (and coming soon videos too) that will help you plan a perfect party along with pretty tables cape ideas and advice on all things dinner parties.


Contact us with questions or to help you plan your party. Get advice on what to shop for at the grocery store or some of the best music playlists we found on Spotify. Print our shopping lists and get ready to host the perfect party.


Hang with us all year and let’s celebrate our amazing friends together!

© 2017 by The Friendsgiving Company, LLC. 

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